Expert Pool

  • Our experts are consultants and trainers with many years of experience in international cooperation.

  • Our experts are familiar with project management, project design and project evaluation.

  • Our experts speak different languages and possess a high level of intercultural sensitivity.

Here you can see the profiles of selected experts who support our team ready to assist you. We look forward to your inquiry!

Expert Registration

  • You are working as a freelance consultant or trainer?

  • You have several years of work experience in international cooperation, in particular in the fields of „State and Public Administration“ and „Peace and Security“? 

  • You are familiar with project management, project design or project evaluation?

  • You speak different languages and possess a high degree of intercultural sensitivity? 

Then you are meeting the demands of our clients. Apply for the expert pool of Madiba Consult and support our team.

Our experts

  • Consultants and trainers with several years of work experience.
  • Project management, - development and – evaluation.
  • Multilingualism and intercultural sensitivity.

Access to list of experts

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