Expert Pool

  • Our experts are consultants, evaluators and trainers with many years of experience in international cooperation.

  • Our experts are familiar with project management, project design and project evaluation.

  • Our experts speak different languages and possess a high level of intercultural sensitivity.

Here you can see the profiles of selected experts.


  • You are working as a freelance consultant, evaluator or trainer?

  • You have several years of work experience in international cooperation? 

  • You are familiar with project management, project design or project evaluation?

  • You speak different languages and possess a high degree of intercultural sensitivity? 

If so, we would like to get you in contact with out clients. 

Apply for the expert pool of Madiba Consult and support our team.

Our experts

  • Consultants and trainers with several years of work experience.
  • Project management, - development and – evaluation.
  • Multilingualism and intercultural sensitivity.

Access to list of experts

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