Consulting: Peace & Security

In the Department of Peace & Security, Madiba Consult works together with experts qualified in the field of emergency and transitional aid, international cooperation development and civilian peace missions. We support peace on a methodological and technical level with the help of trainings to enhance impact orientation, conflict sensitivity and stabilization in fragile contexts.

The overall aim is to strengthen just participation in development projetcs promoting peace in conflict-determined world regions.

We use innovative tools, such as Management Models, participative survey methods and agile training formats for topics like crisis prevention and resilience, reinforcement of human rights and civil conflict transformation, gender equality and inclusive development.

Peace is more than the absence of war and violence. A sustainable and lasting peace can only exist when actors are aware and willing to use methods and instruments of nonviolent conflict resolution. 

Civil conflict transformation is an encompassing concept based on a detailed conflict analysis. This analysis takes into account the background and origin of existing conflicts and relevant actors as well as peace or conflict supporting factors. Building on this analysis – if possible with the partners on the ground – we develop a suitable strategy for your project or programme.

Our experts have several years of experience in consulting governmental and nongovernmental actors as well as in the coordination and management of programmes in the area of civil conflict transformation. Many of them are certified as Peace and Conflict Consultants by the Academy for Conflict Transformation.

Foreign and security politics as well as development politics require sector-wide know-how. We support an integrated approach and know that a project strategy can only be sustainable and impact-oriented if it integrates all relevant actors.  

Most of our civilian consultants have many years of experience in the cooperation with military actors. Accordingly, our police and military experts have worked extensively with civilian actors. Hence, we know similarities and differences as well as the interconnection of these approaches and can provide mutual understanding and a strategy for cooperation. 

We are eager to put together a team of civilian, police and military experts to support larger projects with comprehensive technical expertise. 

Security forces are an integral part of every nation state. Transparent structures, accountability and the respect for the rule of law are essential to their democratic legitimacy.  This democratic legitimacy also plays a crucial part in the public image of the security forces both in their own population and in the international community.

With our long-term experience in consulting and training for security forces and related public authorities, we aim to strengthen professional and reliable security sectors worldwide.

he respect for universal human rights is one of the major prerequisites for sustainable development and security. Regular monitoring and reporting on human rights are vital for the population to trust in the accountability of their public institutions.

Several of our consultants have worked as human rights officers for international organisations such as the UN, OSCE, EU and AU as well as international NGOs. We look forward to assist you with analysis, monitoring, investigation, documentation and reporting on human rights and in the consulting and advocacy of relevant actors on the ground.

Our consultants are specialised in: 

    • Rule of Law 
    • Fight against impunity 
    • Transitional Justice
    • Indigenous people’s rights
    • Children’s rights
    • Sexual and gender-based violence
    • Refugees and IDPs
    • Economic, social and cultural rights
    • Human rights and natural resources
    • Businesses and human rights

Contact us for more information on our expertise on human rights issues. 

The Protection of Civilians (PoC) is an integral part of most UN peacekeeping missions today. Also in non UN-led missions the situation of the civilian population has to be taken into account. Especially marginalised groups such as indigenous peoples, ethnic or religious minorities as well as international refugees and internally displaced people (IDPs) have a significantly higher need of protection. 

At the same time, children and teenagers, women and men are affected by different versions of violent crimes and humanitarian emergencies in armed conflicts.

Through our work in UN peacekeeping missions as well as with UNHCR and other UN organsiations and agencies, we have a wide-ranging experience in the PoC and integrate this expertise in our consulting and training services.

Some of our consultants have worked as officers in the German army and thus gathered essential expertise in security and risk management that is equally crucial for civilian projects in international cooperation. 

The gender dimension in armed conflict is an important question to consider both with the target group and partners on the ground and in the international organisations and agencies themselves. 

We incorporate gender specific roles, expectations and needs of actors in our analyses, reports and strategies, building on UNSC resolution 1325 on “women, peace and security”. This relates to gender roles of perpetrators and victims of human rights violations as well as active and passive roles of men and women in armed conflict. 

Our gender sensitive approach is integrated in our other consulting services. Nonetheless, we are looking forward to designing gender specific analyses and recommendations for your project. 

For decades, many countries have been affected by political, social and economic crisis, which caused extreme poverty in large sections of the population. Meanwhile, a great number of organizations follows the approach of 'Linking Relief, Rehabiliation & Development', focusing on the transition of short-term emergency aid to long-term and sustainable development cooperation. In countries of conflict, relief organizations are facing great challenges due to poor security situations, destroyed infrastructure and a lack of governmental structures that would facilitate the missions.

Our experts in emergency and transitional aid support conflict-sensitive planning, implementation and supervision of programs in fragile contexts. In regard of 'Disaster Risk Reduction' we consult indicated actors in terms of strengthening the societies' resilience. Moreover, our experts for climate change adaption and water implement their knowledge to optimize supply chains and to support organizational development in rural areas.

Our experts

  • Consultants, evaluators and trainers with several years of work experience.
  • Project management, - development and – evaluation.
  • Multilingualism and intercultural sensitivity.

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