Strengthening of the Collaboration between the state and private sector in Afghanistan!

New Delhi, November 22nd, 2017: Training and coaching for delegates from Afghanistan.

From November 6th – 18th, 2017, four experts of Madiba Consult led training and coaching sessions for representatives of the Afghan chambers of commerce and ministries on behalf of the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) GmbH in the Indian capital New Delhi.

Madiba Consult’s measure took place in the course of the GIZ project “Sustainable Economic Development and Employment Promotion in Afghanistan”. The aim of the project was to enhance local job opportunities and to strengthen the economy in Afghanistan. Thus economic perspectives can be created permanently for the Afghan people.

In two stages, Madiba’s experts strengthened the ability of the representatives from local and national chambers of commerce to communicate their economic interests to the government. Among the involved associations were associations of the dairy industry, as well as women’s associations from the weaker economic region of northern Afghanistan. In participative workshops, the representatives developed strategies to improve the collaboration with the state.

The trainings of the second week were addressed at representatives of the Ministry for Trade and Industry, as well as the Ministry of Agriculture. During interactive workshops, solutions have been developed on how the government can present the private sector with successful laws and initiatives. Thus, the two trainings were complementary and contributed to a closer collaboration between the private and public sector.

It is a particular concern for Madiba to contribute to the strengthening of the job and income opportunities, as well as making the Afghan economy competitive through training and coaching methods and sessions. Due to the uncertain political development and the aggravated security status, the economic sector of Afghanistan is characterized by lower productivity and insufficient investment.

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