Wo Mut die Seele trägt - Women in Afghanistan

On Monday we organized the book presentation of "Wo Mut die Seele trägt - Wir Frauen in Afghanistan" (Where courage supports the soul - We women in Afghanistan) by the publicist Nahid Shahalimi in cooperation with the non-profit association "Netzwerk politik atelier" at the Academy for International Education in Bonn.

Shahalimi was born in Afghanistan and fled to Canada with her mother and sisters in the 1980s. For 17 years she has been living as an artist and publicist in Munich, Germany.

In her book, she tells about remarkable Afghan women who stand up for their country. Authentically and vividly, she gives the audience an understanding of inspirational stories and dreams about courage, grief and soulfulness.

With the help of her book, Nahid Shahalimi, star of radio and television, wants to contribute to "a kind of image correction": The image of suppressed women in Afghanistan was only a small part of the reality. At the same time, courageous and powerful women risking their lives on a daily basis to enhance female life conditions were the other part of it. Shahalimi emphasized the International Community in this context, without which the support of those women would never be possible.

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