Assignment of Madiba for the OSCE in Montenegro

15.04.2018: Third Presidential Election in Montenegro

Kotor, Montenegro 2018


On April 15, the Republic of Montenegro that declared its independence from Serbia and Montenegro in 2006, held its third presidential election. In order to support the human rights institution Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe, Madiba Consult sent its CEO Dr. Kristian Kampfer as an election observer from April 12-17, 2018 to Montenegro. 

The official results declared Milo Đukanović as the winner of the election with 53.9% in the first round, confirming him as president. Therefore, a second ballot was not necessary.

Besides presidential candidate Milo Đukanović another six candidates ran for the office of the president. Among them was Draginja Vuksanović, who was the first woman to run for president in the country.

In their “Statement of Preliminary Findings and Conclusion,“ the OSCE-ODIHR concluded that the electoral process “respected the fundamental freedoms during and before the election.” The turnout was 63.92%.

For more information you can visit the OSCE-website: www.osce.org/odihr/elections/montenegro/371151.

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