Strengthening the police capacities in Chad

April - June 2018: Project "Renforcement des Capacités de la Police Nationale du Tchad"

As part of the project "Renforcement des Capacités de la Police Nationale du Tchad" Madiba Consult supports the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH by sending a highly qualified police trainer. The aim of the GIZ project in the Republic of Chad is to improve the efficiency of the national Chadian police in the areas of border security and crime control.

On behalf of the Federal Foreign Office, German Development Cooperation has been supporting police reform processes in Africa for several years. In Chad, the main issues are border cooperation, police cooperation with the authorities of neighbouring countries and the reduction of cross-border crime. Police training in Chad includes training on national legislation, international standards in border control procedures as well as personnel, material and financial management.

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